The most common use is removing the background so that you can show a product on a nice white, clean ground, perfect for use on a website, producing a professional clean-cut appearance.

Another use of this facility is to place a product on an alternative background, for example, a cocktail drink put on a nice beach background to entice you into booking a summer holiday! 


The third option is providing a visualisation of a logo on a product, such as taking a company logo and seeing how it appears on a cup, bag, or T-shirt.

image manipulation


This service can produce various results, the term image manipulation covers a whole rafter of things. 


We can do something simple like remove red-eye from a photo, removing scratches or imperfections.



Here at Tirastan-Graffix we can take any raster image and convert it into a Vector Drawing. Vector drawings are made up of lines rather than pixels which means that they can be shrunk or enlarged to any extreme without losing quality and definition. Once your logo/design is in vector format, it is very easy to make simple changes such as colour or tweaking a typeface.

This service is perfect for anyone who has an old logo that they require adding to a promotional item but the quality just isn't good enough or it is the wrong format.


Sometimes companies lose the original copy of their logo, we can simply redraw the logo you have to make it suitable for any future use or again to tweak if you want to update it a little.

In this day and age, Heraldic crests are are a rarity but they do crop up in family histories, council, and government facilities.  Many of the crests in existence may have been hand-painted, at some point in time they may been photographed or scanned to get an electronic copy.

If you wish to use these images in the future for banners, flags, posters, embroidery, or other merchandising ideas, then the original copy probably would not be sufficient to use. 

Here at Tirastan-Graffix, we can redraw your crest to a high quality which you can keep and use for anything in the future.

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