Designing your logo is an important part of your company's presence, It is your trademark, it is how people will remember you and what makes your company recognisable. 

This process requires thought, design can be a personal preference, favourite colours and fonts. Sometimes the thought process goes a bit further, specific colours create feelings or impressions, certain fonts demonstrate how professional your business is or whether you are creative, bold and adventurous!

logo design & branding

You need to understand what your logo will be used for in the future.

Will you use it on small items? -  in which case your logo needs to be simple and clear, so that is still legible when printed small.

Do you plan on large-scale printed items, such as display items, and banners? -  your logo needs to have the strength to stand out from the busy background of commercial life.

We will help you make the right choice, creating a logo that is just right for you and your business.

The Acorn package is designed for the creation of a new logo.

Logo design is included in the rest of the packages

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Below are a few examples of completed projects